I don’t do extras

It happened (again) today…  3 missed calls… I send a text: “Hi, this is Tissy. Sorry I missed your calls today, I was working. How can I help you?” A few minutes later, the phone rings: Me: “Hello, Tissy speaking” S: “Hi Tissy, it’s Stuart (very confident and warm tone of voice…) – How is […]


My 5 Steps to a Healthy Skin

I love the way Irish people say “How are you” and “Take care” so many times a day, no matter how many times you might be talking to the same person, it’s such a kind and loving expression – (something we don’t have in French – not that we are not kind and loving J […]

Couleur Caramel Makeup, Couleur Caramel Videos

Couleur Caramel – How to put on my Eyeliner and Lipstick

Products Used: Eye Liner: Black Eyeshadow 023 – with Organic Soybean Oil and Rooibois with anti ageing and anti oxydant properties – used with Angled Eye Shadow Brush No 10. Organic Eye Liner Black with Organic Aloe Vera Juice and Organic Rosewater to moisturise, regenerate, soften and protect. Lips: Lip Pencil no 107 Red, with […]