“”I don’t have one minute for me !” I’ve heard that so often…

In my work, I meet so many women who never take time for themselves even though they’re exhausted and stressed out – I would even say “stretched out”. They put the needs of everyone else before theirs, to the point that they feel guilty when they take a little break…

Do you believe that you’re not the priority in YOUR LIFE ? First, there are your children, partner, work, house…

The fact is that you are the PILLAR OF YOUR FAMILY.

You organise everything: the kids and their needs, the meals, the house, the cleaning – you’re a mum, a cook, a cleaner, a taxi driver… Over time, you’ve learnt to organise, plan and even juggle !!!

That’s why taking care of yourself is THE PRIORITY to be able to care for your loved ones.

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