A Pregnancy Massage Session

I was invited to take photos of a pregnancy massage for Tissy.  The client came in, on her due date, and was the perfect model – she was so relaxed she fell asleep!

The hardest part for me as the photographer, was keeping quite for an hour however the calming setting and music certainly helped.  I came away with some great photos but more importantly a whole new understanding of the process.

Firstly it is very comfortable for the mum-to-be – Tissy makes a massage bed on the floor and the client is supported by pillows and cushions and completely covered up.  It is very physical for the massage therapist as well as being mentally exhausting.  Tissy was totally absorbed in what she was doing and managed to tune me out completely.

The best bit was all the accupressure work on the labour focus point worked – her client went into labour that night.  I’ve since heard that another of her clients went into labour the same day following her massage.

All I could think, having had a baby myself, was that lucky woman, she is having her last peaceful snooze for a long time!


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