Can Shiatsu Massage help to induce labour?

I often advise to my mums to start working on the “labour points” from 37 weeks to help the body getting ready for labour.  But how does it work?

Research has now proven that we are not just a “Physical Body” – what can be seen: made of bones, blood and flesh, but also an “Energetic Body” – that can’t be seen, but can be felt: the Aura and Energy Pathways called Meridians.  Most Meridians are named after the organ they go through (ie. Heart, Liver, Stomach).  When there’s an imbalance in the Meridians (ie. Energy stuck), then it creates pain in the body (ie, Sciatica is usually energy not flowing nicely in the Gall Bladder Meridian).

Shiatsu Practitioners work with these Meridians aiming at balancing the energy throughout the body.  Many factors can create imbalances, they can be either external (ie. Weather: wind, cold, etc.) or internal (Emotions).

When a woman reaches the end of her pregnancy, she often can’t wait to go into labour!!!  It might be because she’s tired, in pain (SPD, etc.), worried that baby grows too big … But there’s also the threat of induction…and that’s what worries most of my mums… Induction with Pitocin (the synthetic version of Oxytocin) will usually make contractions much stronger than when Oxytocin is naturally produced by the body, which makes labour a bit more challenging for mums, and they often end up opting for the epidural… Believe me, if you can do without drugs, you’re better off!

It’s important to remember that the due date is only a guess date, so when you are given 10 days after the due date to go into labour spontaneously; it’s still only an estimate.  Buy some time!  Remember that the World Health Organisation recommends 14 days.  Ask your consultant if you and your baby are ok, if yes then ask to wait one more day…  The fear of induction can often create an emotional blockage.  It’s hard for the body to release happy hormones to go into labour when you feel emotions such as fear.  So it’s very important to RELAXXXXXX…

That’s what Shiatsu works on: releasing stuck emotions, as well as relaxing the mum, releasing tension in the upper body, promoting the production of Oxytocin and strengthening the uterus.  To do that, they access the Meridians through gates called Tsubos or Acupressure Points. Usually, a few sessions are needed, however, if the body is ready, mums can go into labour within 3 days following the treatment.

So mums, remember: It’s very important to relax and to enjoy the last few days of your pregnancy.  Meet up with your friends, go to the cinema to watch a fun movie, go to the restaurant, do all these things that you won’t be able to do for a little while.  If it’s your first baby, go for a tea with your book on your own, believe me, as a mum, you don’t get much time on your own anymore 🙂   Go to the restaurant with your partner and enjoy the time just the 2 of you.  Make love (to produce Oxytocin), drink Raspberry Leave Tea, work the Acupressure Points daily (maybe not in that order :-)) and forget about Due Dates, Induction Dates, etc.

Just RELAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and have a wonderful labour!

Tissy X

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