Day into evening Look

Happy New Year everyone!  I was very lucky as last Christmas, Santa brought me a new camera to do my Videos, so I can have more fun!  I still have to look at the lighting, it’s not the best, but one step at the time.  Editing the Video with IMovie was also great fun, adding music and my voice (it’s like when I watch an English movie with a french voice – the lips don’t move as the same time as the voice!!!) – next time I won’t talk – I’ll get there!


Anyway, to start the year, I just wanted to do a simple look to transform a Day Time makeup into evening makeup.  I forgot to put some liner – I would usually frame the eye – evening like that it looks lovely – well I hope you like it.

I’ll do my next Video on Eye Liner and perfect lips.

All my Makeup Videos will be with Couleur Caramel, to be honest, I love it so much – and knowing it’s such great quality and so healthy – I don’t use anything else.  I’ve made the choice to avoid toxic ingredients as much as possible on my skin.  So for me, it’s Phyt’s and Couleur Caramel, et c’est tout!

So here’s the Video:

Products used (all available from the shop) or send me an email  if you can’t find it (as my boutique is not finished yet):

  • BB Cream 12 – rich in Natural Hyaluronic Acid and Organic Argan Oil, it regenerates, hydrates, protects, illuminates, refines and unifies the skin.
  • Sun Powder 22 – with Organic Soy bean Oil and Organic Shea Butter, it mattifies and unifies the complexion while infusing it with a touch of light.
  • Blush 52 – with Olive-derived Oil and Organic Shea Butter, it creates a healthy glow effect, naturally.::

Daytime Look :

  • Eyeshadows 101/044  – rich in Organic Soy Bean Oil and Rooibos, it’s anti-ageing and moisturising.
  • Mascara 02 (Plum) – with Acacia Resin and Shea Butter on set the product on the lash while moisturising and revitalising.  It’s one of my favourite products!!!  The colour looks gorgeous…

Evening Look:

  • Eyeshadows 025/147
  • Mascara 61 (Black) – all Organic, it contains Aloe Vera Juice and Argan Oil to nourish and protect the eyelashes.


  • Eyebrow Pencil 121– just like the Eye & Lip pencils, they contain Organic Beeswax & Shea Butter as well as Bisabolol and offer nourishing and protective properties.
  • Lipstick 257 (Ancient Rose) – with Vitamin E and Organic Macademia Oil to combat free radicals and protect the lips against UV rays while nourishing and softening them.
  • Lipgloss 815 (Sparkling Foam) – with Rooibos and Apricot Wax for shiny, plump and luminous lips.  Also protective and moisturising.

So as you can see, all these products have healing properties, like I said, they are truly lovely but also very affordable.

All available to buy from this website, just send me or browse the Boutique.

You are also welcome to make an appointment by calling / texting 086 3836295 to get a free flash makeup and try them!

Talk to you next week for another Video!



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