I don’t do extras

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It happened (again) today… 

3 missed calls… I send a text: “Hi, this is Tissy. Sorry I missed your calls today, I was working. How can I help you?”

A few minutes later, the phone rings:

Me: “Hello, Tissy speaking”

S: “Hi Tissy, it’s Stuart (very confident and warm tone of voice…) – How is your day so far?”

Me: “Very good, thank you, and yourself?” (thinking, do I know him???)

S: “Well, I was calling you to book a massage…”

Me: “Ok…what kind of massage are you looking for?” 😳

S: “It’s for my hip”

Me: 🤔 “Right. Then I would recommend a shiatsu treatment” – then, I went on explaining what it is 🤓

S: “Whatever you think is best…hmmmmm…do you do EXTRAS?”

Me: (thinking) Seriously???????? 😡 ☹️ 🤢

“I’m sorry, NO, I DON’T DO EXTRAS” 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

What is it with those guys? 🙄  No offence to the male gender as I have treated many men – sent to me by either a friend or a partner – that were all lovely and respectful.

But over the years, I’ve also had many, many calls of men looking for “EXTRAS” and “HAPPY ENDINGS”!!!!

Why oh WHY??? 😩

Even when I had advertised for Pregnancy Massage treatments in the Galway Advertiser, I got calls like that!!! Is it my name? Is it because I’m french????? 😏 🙃 😶 I mean, pregnancy massage? Is it not clear? Is there a double meaning to pregnancy massage?????

NO, NO and NO – I, DO NOT DO EXTRAS (other than tea or coffee if you wish!) 😬

A man joked the other day about my “Home Visits” Brochure where I specified *Ladies Only* saying it was sexist – well that’s why I choose to treat *Ladies Only* because no women ever asked me for extras!!!!!! 

It’s such a shame that I have to deal with such requests in my profession… I’ve trained for many years to acquire the skills that I have today as a massage and shiatsu therapist. I pour all my love and healing energy in each one of my treatments. I offer therapeutic treatments to heal aches and pains, balance energies, boost the immune system, relax muscles, relieve stress, improve sleep, increase circulation, help with anxiety and promote wellbeing. Massage is EXTRAordinary and doesn’t need any more extras! 😉