Pregnancy Shiatsu Massage

I offer Antenatal Massage from as early as the first trimester, throughout the pregnancy and postnatally. I trained and qualified with Suzanne Yates of Well Mother UK, who specialises her work in “Supporting the Wellness of Parents & Babies”.  As well as my training with Suzanne, I took up a 4 years Shiatsu training, as well as a Doula Training, which make my approach and preparation  to childbirth very unique.

This treatment is given on a futon – Japanese Mattress on the floor – thus creating a safe and comfortable environment for the mother to be.  I use a combination of Shiatsu and Swedish massage and offer after care and birth preparation advices.

From 37 weeks pregnancy, I use acupressure to prepare the body for the birth…

The benefits of Pregnancy Shiatsu Massage:
Soothes and relaxes and reduces stress
Improves circulation (reducing pregnancy related oedema)
Improves all physiological functions
Relieves tension in the back, neck and weight-bearing joints
Helps reduce sciatica (pain down the back of the thigh, leg and foot), improves sleep and relieves headache and sinus congestion
Reduces aches and pains relating to the musculoskeletal strains

Please allow a good 1h30 for our session.

What a better time in your life to be nurtured than during your pregnancy?

“I initially found Tissy when referred by a friend for pregnancy massage. When your body is going through so much the massage gave so much relief both mentally and physically. I felt like melting chocolate !” Martha

 Pregnancy Shiatsu Massage (60 min) – €65  



Induction Treatment

There is a set of shiatsu points that, in women, have a strong effect on the uterus and the reproductive hormones. Some of these are “elimination” points, which are frequently stimulated outside pregnancy to treat headaches, sickness, cramp or constipation. They are often referred to as “induction points”, but I prefer to call them labour focus points because they don’t work in the same way as labour-inducing drugs, as they will not make you go into labour if you’re not ready, but they will help you release energy that can support you when you are. However, they do help to ready your body for giving birth and they do help the process of labour to flow. They also help your baby to prepare for his birth (Ref: Beautiful Birth from Suzanne Yates).

 Induction Treatment (60 min) – €65   




Birthing Ball & Acupressure Course

This 3 hours class teaches how to use the Birthing Ball and Acupressure points in pregnancy and during labour.

The ball carries, rolls, balances, stretches and strengthens the expecting mum, keeping the deep supportive muscles of the spine in shape and assisting with posture, thus contributing to an easier labour and optimal foetal positioning. The sensations of lightness experienced with the ball is pleasant and very beneficial.

Working with your partner, you will learn how to make the best of this wonderful tool, together with the use of acupressure and massage techniques.

This is a very practical course designed to teach your partner how to best support you during your labour.

We will also discuss how to create your birth plan.

Cost per couple (including handouts): €145


ballon forme 1

How to choose your birth ball?

They’re also called Exercise Balls or Fitness Balls.
Make sure your ball has the mention “Burst Resistant”, “Anti Burst” or “Slow Deflating” for your safety.
Check the maximum weight it carries (normally up to 250kg).

It’s also very important that you choose the right size, as follows:

Ball Size Person’s Height
18 inches (45cm) up to 4’8″ (1m54)
22 inches (55cm) 4’8″ to 5’3″ (1m55 – 1m69)
26 inches (65cm) 5’3″ to 6’0″ (1m70 – 1m85)
30 inches (75cm) 6’0″ to 6’7″ (1m86 – 2m)
34 inches (85cm) over 6’7 (2m01)

Post-Natal Shiatsu Massage

Following the birth, the body goes through many hormonal changes. Being a new mum may feel overwhelming, and together with fatigue, sleepless nights, breastfeeding, baby blues and in some cases post natal depression, its important to remember to look after yourself.

A post natal massage will give you the opportunity to be nurtured and to feel rejuvenated. The treatment is performed on a Shiatsu mattress on the floor, thus creating a safe and comfortable environment. Therefore you are welcome to bring your newborn and attend to his/her needs while youre being massaged.

With a holistic approach to maternity, Post Natal Massage involves Swedish techniques and Shiatsu, and also includes exercises and after care advices.

The benefits of Postnatal Massage:
Soothes and relaxes and reduces stress
Improves all physiological functions
Relieves tension in the back, neck and shoulders
Contributes to a faster recovery
Encourages good postural habits and abdominal muscle toning

  Post Natal Shiatsu Massage (60 min) – €65   

Baby Massage Session

Baby Massage Course

Learn to massage your baby in small, relaxed, informative and practical classes.

Baby Massage is an ancient art. It can be relaxing for you both, enhance development, boost immunity and improve sleep patterns.

Baby Massage is proven to relieve the pain of colic and constipation.

It strengthens the bond between parent and child, is relaxing and calming, and above all it is enjoyable and fun.

Benefits for Baby:
•Relaxing & soothing
•Can improve sleep pattern & boost immunity
•Relieves pain such as colic and constipation
•Enhances development

Benefits for You:
•Relaxing & calming
•Can strengthen the parental bond
•Help you to understand your baby’s body language

All Classes are One to One (60 min) €45  

Full Course (3 classes) €125

Certified by the IAIM (International Association of Infant Massage) and Birthlight