Why Join a Baby Massage Class

I discovered baby massage over 10 years ago when I joined a class with my daughter.   I really enjoyed that special time I was spending with my little girl massaging her…  Her smiles, laughes and all that unconditional love made my heart melt…  After the birth of my second child (by then, I was an expert in baby massage :-)), I decided to train as a Baby Massage instructor, in order to share with other parents my wonderful experience.  I really think that every parent should have the opportunity to learn to massage their baby, and to join such a class.  Not only you learn massage but also how to communicate with your baby, how to get to know him, how to respect him (as you need to ask permission…), how to react when he’s crying…  It’s not just about the massage, it’s a parenting class, you get to learn so much about your baby and yourself…This is what a mum wrote to me recently: “The most important experience has been the eye to eye contact.  It’s crazy to think that by listening and looking, you can actually understand your baby.  Also, I have learnt to respect my daughter by asking her permission to touch her.  I feel so close to her, and she seems to be happier and a really relaxed baby”.

I really love teaching baby massage and watching parents bonding with their little ones, having fun, singing, babies cooing…  What else can I say?  The benefits are great: bonding, body awareness, improves digestion, regulates sleep, boosts the immune system, helps with PND, non-invasive, easy, adaptable, natural, FUN!

Don’t wait any longer…join a class!

Happy massaging…

Tissy Guillou


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